About Us


Parker Holt Incorporated has since its existence in 1990 been a community based law firm. It has over the years acquired an extensive client base notwithstanding the fact that no institutional legal work was forthcoming.

The firm prides itself on service excellence and delivery and has over the years developed its infrastructure to be flexible and accommodating to clients’ needs. It is geared to handle additional work capacity in terms of human capital and technology.

The firm has repositioned itself strategically by seeking corporate and empowerment work flows to enable it to expand, absorb and to provide employment. It has the intellectual power that ranks equally to the more larger firms.

It is the policy of the practice to be socially conscious and contribute to the upliftment of  society.

At all times we attempt to synergise and integrate our activities to the benefit of our clients.

We are of the view that given our infrastructure presently operative at our practice, we can provide the  service excellence and accountability so sought after by clients. We engage the current technology to enable us to execute our tasks efficiently and effectively.

We also entered into joint ventures with other legal firms whereby we assist and guide them in various aspects of Law in particular  Sectional Title Developments.

The firm comprises of two Directors and two Associates.  In addition we have one Candidate Attorney and five Secretaries. We also employ general cleaning and maintenance assistance and a technology expert on a stand by basis.

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